2011 Spring Event: Seismology Lab Tour

Caltech Seismology Lab Tour, Pasadena CA
lead by Dr. Kate Hutton, Caltech Staff Seismologist

Sunday, May 15, 1:45– 3 pm

Special instructions:
Tour space is limited to the first 25 people who RSVP (select event rsvp on the contact form at https://www.lagls.org/?page_id=8 )
Once you RSVP, we will give you instructions on where exactly to meet, and where to park. The Pasadena Marathon is happening on the same day; the route of which will make parking tricky. The building is locked on the weekends, so late arrivals won’t be able to join us.

In case of Mother Nature behaving violently (that is, a news-worthy earthquake) tour will be canceled because the seismologists will be too busy for us. Check tour status at lagls.org before you set out that day.

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