Join LAGLS or Renew Membership

Your LAGLS membership now includes a discounted Out to Innovate (formerly NOGLSTP) membership. You pay dues to NOGLSTP / Out to Innovate, and Out to Innovate supports LAGLS as an affiliate organization. This discount is an exclusive Out to Innovate membership discount, available only to LAGLS members. Why only LAGLS? LAGLS is the founding organization of NOGLSTP, which is now known as Out to Innovate. LAGLS members supported NOGLSTP financially and with volunteer labor for decades, and this is a way of giving back.

Annual dues for LAGLS is only $25.

To join LAGLS / Out to Innovate for the first time, please download this membership application, fill it out, and mail it with a check (payable to NOGLSTP) to NOGLSTP, PO Box 91803, Pasadena CA, 91109.

RENEW your existing LAGLS / Out to Innovate membership:
Go to the Out to Innovate website, and click on the blue “Member Login” button.  Please note that we switched our membership management platform in July 2022. The first time you log in to this new platform, you will have to reset your password. Use the email address you gave LAGLS to request a password reset.  After the password reset, you will use your user name and password to log in. (If you are a legacy LAGLS member, your user name is different than your email address.  If you recently joined, your user name is probably your email address). Once logged in, the renewal button will be visible to you only if you are in your renewal window. Your “Professional LAGLS/NOGLSTP Member” member type will be the default renewal option.

If your membership lapses, you will not be able to access the discounted LAGLS dues option. If this happens, simply download this membership application and mail your dues in to re-establish your lapsed membership.