2007 1st Quarter Event – March 17, 10am

Hey Everybody. Let’s go see Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination at the California Science Center for our first quarter LAGLS event! This first exhibit of its kind combines costumes and props from all six Star Wars films with real-world technologies, video interviews with filmmakers, scientists and engineers, and two large Engineering Design Labs, where we can build and test speeders and robots. We can explore prototypes, learn about the engineers and designers who are creating new technologies, and discover intriguing similarities between how scientists and filmmakers think. That oughta appeal to our inner geek, don’t you think?

“What? The California Science Center…AGAIN?”, you whine. “Weren’t we just THERE last spring? Why don’t we go to the OBSERVATORY INSTEAD?”, you petulantly ponder.

Well, here’s a perfectly logical rebuttal. Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination is a traveling show that will only be at the Science Center this spring. And the newly refurbished Griffith Observatory is such a hot item that we would have to pre-purchase shuttle tickets to get on the premises, with NO GUARANTEE that we will be able to get into the planetarium. So we’ll go check out the observatory when things settle down some. Sort of like waiting for the Getty museum to cool off. Remember that? Yes. We knew you would agree to this strategy, even without the persuasive wave of the Jedi Master using the force to influence your perceptions.

To avoid the crowds and most of the screaming children at the Star Wars exhibit, let’s get an early start of it. We’ll meet in front of the Science Center for their 10am open time, and mosey through the exhibit. After, we’ll grab lunch at a local diner. You’ll have your whole afternoon free to do whatever you want — return for an IMAX film, explore more of Exhibition Park, or go home and do your laundry.

Star Wars — Where Science Meets Imagination
California Science Center
Saturday March 17, 10 am
follow this link for more exhibit information and museum location

Meet a little before 10 am in front of the Science Center entrance.

Parking is $6/vehicle. Contact the LAGLS Office to carpool from Pasadena.

Admission is free to the museum and Star Wars exhibit. Bring some cash to experience the Millenium Falcon feature, which is a full-size cockpit replica of Episode IV’s Millennium Falcon. Visitors watch a 4.5 minute long multimedia presentation featuring imagery from the Hubble space telescope that explores what we know about our own galaxy in a breathtaking journey to the edge of the Universe. Millennium Falcon tickets are $2 per person.

If you plan on taking in an IMAX movie later on, you can purchase tickets for $8.00 on site. Here’s the IMAX movie schedule for February 11 through March 29, 2007

1:30 PM Destiny In Space
2:30 PM Deep Sea 3D
3:30 PM Hurricane On The Bayou
4:30 PM Deep Sea 3D
5:30 PM Destiny In Space

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