2013 LAGLS Anniversary Celebration

Thirty four years ago, a gay botany professor and some colleagues held an open-invitation pot-luck dinner for all local gay scientists (L,B and T inclusivity was not yet discovered). The party was filled with Qfolks from all scientific disciplines. It was difficult in those days to meet gay people other than in bars let alone gay people of scientific persuasion, so this was a very liberating event. The professional issues of the day were coming out, job security, privacy, security clearance, and peer networking. The social issues of the day were coming out, reconciling with our families, social tolerance, making friends, and finding relationships. Not too much different from NOW, is it? Our issues and needs are the same as they were over 30 years ago, yet it feels like we’ve made great strides for equality. Or perhaps the equality movement itself has become so ubiquitous that its common-place-ness has made us all more comfortable in our skins. Whatever it may be, do join us Sunday November 10, 10:30 am for brunch at Cafe Laurent in Culver City to celebrate LAGLS, advances in LGBT equality, the turning of the seasons, and the incessant march of time.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by November 2 2013 due to limited space. Order from the menu at the event and pay LAGLS directly with cash or check for your share. Estimated cost: $20-$25. Parking cost not included in estimate. Call or email to RSVP.

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